Oh, Hello!

March 28, 2019 No Comments

Hey there! Welcome! I’m not quite sure how you found this, but I’m glad you’re here. I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly is “here” and to be honest I’m wondering right along with you. I guess this might be the “disaster” part of the website.

In the past few years I’ve been trying to focus more on what I want to have in my life rather than what I lack. While thinking on these things, I’ve also come to realize some key aspects of life that I want to incorporate more into my life. One of the big ones? More joy. Not just happiness or enthusiasm or excitement, but joy.

But this isn’t to say that I’m going to pretend that life is all sunshine and roses.

Because things happen that we can’t control. I lost my dad when I was 23 to a really aggressive cancer, and then lost myself for a few years after that. Disasters, large and small, are a part of life.

My biggest goal for this blog? To bring a little light and joy to my (and potentially your) every day life! Because things might go wrong, but dogs do exist (mine is pretty cute), friends are wonderful, and chocolate chip cookies are a thing. I’ll do my best to share what’s going on in my life, both the good and the bad, but I’ll always try to find a little slice of joy. I hope you all enjoy!


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Hello There!

I’m Chelsea, half human, half disco ball, total joyful disaster. When I’m not walking my dog or sewing some fun clothes you can find me listening to records, exploring my city and doing my best to bring joy to my every day.

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