29 In My 29th

February 17, 2020

*Schmidt voice* Twenty Noine!

Today’s my 29th birthday! Normally I don’t like to make a big deal about my birthday, but something about 29 is getting to me. I’ve never been someone who freaks out about age, and I’m not really nervous about turning 30 in a year, so I’m not quite sure where this is coming from. Whatever the reason, I’m going to take it and turn it to a positive!

So, in honor of that, I present the 29 things I want to do this year!

  1. Make all my clothes unless it’s something super specific and I can’t make it.
  2. Complete my software academy and get a great job!
  3. Keep my promises to myself.
  4. Enjoy disco hour whenever I get the chance
  5. Take care of my space
  6. Say yes to more things and actually follow through
  7. Make more friends
  8. Start dating again
  9. Keep having fun and seeking joy
  10. Forgive myself when I mess up, and make sincere apologies when I mess up with other people
  11. Tell people I’m thinking of them when I am and spread the love
  12. Explore where I am with curiosity and openness
  13. Do a daily gratitude list
  14. Read books from people of different backgrounds
  15. Make at least 80% of my meals at home.
  16. Visit New Harmony, IN
  17. Visit Garden Of The Gods in Illinois
  18. Read the books I currently have before buying new ones.
  19. No more frivolous shopping (at least until I have a job)
  20. Try foods outside my comfort zone (I’m looking at you vinegar)
  21. Go to a local concert at least once a month
  22. Get Mag more comfortable around other dogs
  23. Lean into color in my wardrobe
  24. Wear more accessories to shake things up
  25. Go on regular hikes
  26. Spend more time outside in general
  27. (Finally) read Brené Brown’s books
  28. Find a reason to smile every day
  29. Take more pictures

Whew! So many things, one year to get it done (or set up that habit).

What about you? Do you have yearly goals revolving around your birthday? I’d love to know some of your favorites!


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