About Me

Hello! I’m Chelsea, welcome to A Joyful Disaster!

I’m a 30 year old Midwestern gal trying my best to live a joyful life while rolling with the punches. I’m a self-declared disaster bi, and truly live up to the name. Also a self-declared rom-com heroine, minus the rom since I have had several meet cutes, and regularly trip and fall.

I find joy in sewing, picnicking (especially with friends, but during Covid times solo picnics will do in a pinch), reading, having disco hours, snuggling with my dog, hot pink clothes, and going on walks in the spring.

Join me as I do my best to find the joy in the every day, roll with the punches and stumble upon fun finds!

Hello There!


I’m Chelsea, half human, half disco ball, total joyful disaster. When I’m not thinking Thoughts or sewing some fun clothes you can find me listening to records, exploring my city and doing my best to bring joy to my every day.