Barre3’s January Challenge

February 10, 2020
A very sweaty, post-workout Chelsea taking a selfie in a mirror.

Or, how I Got back into sweating

I’m a long time lover of Barre3. My first class was back in 2015 in Eugene, OR, at 6:15 am. I had no idea what I was in for, just that it would be a good workout and that a fair amount of people I followed online loved it. I ended up hooked and became a regular fixture in that class for the six weeks I was in Eugene. After that I shifted over to online classes, where my regular attendance quickly died out.

I did the workouts on and off since then, even though I always felt better after I completed them. I may have been sore, my thighs may have been burning, but I felt more connected to myself than I had at the start of my workout. Unfortunately, I never made it a true priority to workout regularly in general. Because of this my workouts were sporadic at best.

But that changed right before the New Year

Y’all already know one of my promises to myself is to move my body to sweat five times a week. The absurd way of phrasing it is so I don’t feel that “I have to workout” pressure I would attach to “Workout 5x/week”. One of the first ways to move and sweat that I thought of was Barre3, which I started up again while in a competition with my cousin as an easy way to both keep my promise to myself, and rack up the points to try to beat her (she won. Granted, she was training for a marathon so…). Their 30 minute workouts were just what I was looking for: challenging, sweat inducing, not too overwhelming in their intensity.

It was while I was browsing the workouts to find a good one to match my mood that I saw they were doing a January challenge. And, given everything in my life, I decided to really commit to it. Two things that really grabbed me was seeing the additional foam rolling videos (my muscles are vvv tight) and that they have started doing a set of questions after each video is done.

Why I like the questions

You can give a measurement to how you were feeling during and after the workout. Are you in more pain, do you have more or less stress, are you feeling more balanced? The mild data nerd in me has lit up knowing I can see the changes in my mindset/body after each workout, and once the challenge is done. Being able to track that will help me remember that I actually enjoy working out.

Each week of the challenge the workouts got simultaneously easier and more difficult. I was stronger, so I could push myself harder. My data points also improved over the month, which was encouraging to see!

What Am I Doing Now?

I’m glad you asked! I’ve just started doing Orangetheory, which is kicking my ass a little bit. In a good way, of course! I’ve been to six classes so far, and can already feel an improvement in my abilities. While I’m getting used to the new workout, I’ve taken a break from Barre3 (I know…whoops), but I’m going to start up again today!

I’m really happy I did the January challenge; I wouldn’t have pushed myself to consistently workout without it! I’ve created a great foundation for myself, and have reminded myself why I love to move my body. Also, it’s a great stress relief now that my class has started up again!

How do you like to workout? Any fun ideas to share? Let me know in the comments!

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