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Growing up, I was a voracious reader. I would consume books, sometimes one a day in the summer. Since becoming an adult, I’ve slowed down in a major way. There were times when I’d only read a book a month, which is pretty slow for me.

This year I wanted to get my reading mojo back.

So I set a Goodreads goal of reading/listening to at least 30 books this year. In the past I’ve set the same goal and fell way short. Now, I’m just one book away from reaching my goal with nearly half the year done! I’ve made huge improvements in my reading by listening to books from my library while walking Mag, driving and sewing rather than listening to podcasts or music. This has definitely played in to how I’ve been able to read so many books this year already! I’d definitely recommend it, especially since some books (Like Daisy Jones and The Six) really came to life through the audiobook format.

Hot tip: download the Libby app and connect your library account! I cancelled a lot of my memberships to different things in the past few years, including my audible membership, to cut costs. I didn’t realize that the Libby app includes digital audiobooks until this year (shocking, I know), and it’s been a game changer! Plus, it’s f r e e !!

I’ve also made an effort to read for at least 30 minutes a day, whether it’s in the morning, with my lunch or right before bed. Sometimes I set page goals per day if it’s a book that I need to read quickly, if someone else has a hold on it at the library, or I slacked for my rom-com book club with my friend Sarah.

So, now that I’ve shared how I’ve been working to increase the amount of books I’ve read, let’s go through some I read in June!

The Water Cure **/*****

I really wanted to like this book. Billed as a dystopian feminist book, I was interested to see how it would play out. I was severely disappointed. I actually listened to the book, which helped because each character had a different voice; if I had read it I would have been too confused as their tones were far too similar to distinguish. There was no real background information given for why the girls (women?) were isolated either. And to cap it off, their parents were horribly abusive, which made a lot of the book hard to swallow.

Her Royal Highness *****/*****

I’m a sucker for bi gals figuring out their sexuality and finding love (#goals), so this light YA rom-com was exactly what I was looking for. Throw in a dash of royalty, the Scottish highlands, and fun characters and you’ve got a great, quick read! I loved reading about Millie’s struggle to figure out if her crushes were crushing on her too (very relatable), and getting over the hurt of her previous friends-with-benefits situation. I would definitely recommend this book, especially if you’re looking for a cute, quick read!

Royals (now called Prince Charming) ****/*****

This was the prequel (of sorts) to Her Royal Highness, and I immediately checked it out to read about some of the characters that were mentioned in HRH. Overall it was cute, and a fun twist on the royal/commoner trope. Daisy’s sister, Ellie, is engaged to the prince of Scotland, and to keep scandals to a minimum, the royal family flies her out to Scotland for the summer to keep her under their thumb. Cue a fake dating scheme, which leads to everyone’s favorite, actual romance. Another cute, quick read!

On The Come Up ****/*****

The follow up of sorts to The Hate U Give (one of my favorite reads of 2018), follows Bri as she tries to make it big in the music world while dealing with systemic racism. Much like The Hate U Give, what happens to Bri sticks with you, and ripples throughout the entire book as she tries to navigate what the security guards did to her and how her image is being portrayed to the media. I’d definitely recommend this book, and I would especially recommend listening to it. The raps are rapped, and the narrator, Bahni Turpin, is incredible.

Meet Cute ****/*****

This is the rom-com book club’s June read, and we’re Skyping on Saturday to go over our thoughts, so I’ll try to not go too in depth. I will say Linda was a particularly nasty character, and had almost no redeemable qualities. This made it hard to read at times, because I do like to have nuanced characters even if they are the foil in the end. Kailyn and Dax’s chemistry was really good and enjoyable to read! Another cute, quick read, that I’d definitely recommend!

What have you been reading this month? Anything you’d recommend?


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