Little Joys Vol. 2

March 17, 2021

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week has been going well so far. Just popping in here to share some things that have been giving me joy this past week!

  1. Making it out to my family’s home in Massachusetts (yay change of pace and taking walks maskless!!)
  2. Having a week off work to reset (and sew like it’s my job)
  3. Getting my laptop screen (finally) repaired after nearly a year of having a broken screen with the bottom 1/2 in being completely glitched out.
  4. Ripping out my marshmallow sweater to start fresh without a garter stitch, as frustrating as it is to start over
  5. Taking a burning hot bath (my ideal bath temp) with the snow falling outside
  6. Cooking more of my meals rather than getting take out (or my mom cooking them, the perks of living with your parents!)
  7. Figuring out a routine that feels peaceful, cozy and helps me feel good about my day
  8. Seeing the snow melt out in the area where I am (the picture with this post was taken by sticking my phone in a snow mound…)
  9. Sandwiches from the grocery store of my youth
  10. Buying myself my fourth disco ball (I have a problem…) and having a magical disco filled morning every morning!

What’s been bringing you joy this week? I’d love to know!


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I’m Chelsea, half human, half disco ball, total joyful disaster. When I’m not thinking Thoughts or sewing some fun clothes you can find me listening to records, exploring my city and doing my best to bring joy to my every day.