Little Joys Vol 3

September 15, 2021

Hello and welcome back to Little Joys! This is my weekly (whoops) post where I write about things that have brought me joy over the past week. Doesn’t have to be big things, small moments that make me joyful are more than enough to share! So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

  1. I got a raise! Yeehaw!
  2. Had a lovely snuggle session with Mag where we just napped together and she rested her head on my arm ?
  3. Worked out more than I have previously; it always feels good to move my body and sweat
  4. It’s the ideal weather: sweaters/sweatshirts and shorts!!
  5. ABBA is reunited (okay this is a week old but STILL)
  6. I spent the entire day yesterday in an IDEAL pink dress
  7. Virgo season organizing is hitting me hard, and I’m leaning into it
  8. Feeling more and more connected with myself and more in control of certain aspects of my life ?

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I’m Chelsea, half human, half disco ball, total joyful disaster. When I’m not walking my dog or sewing some fun clothes you can find me listening to records, exploring my city and doing my best to bring joy to my every day.