Little Joys Vol 4

September 29, 2021

Forgive the absence of Little Joys last week, I was busy getting ready and traveling to my friend’s bachelorette party in Charleston!! The biggest joy of the past few months! It was a dear friend who I haven’t been able to see in person since October 2019, for another friend’s wedding. Traveling there was a little stressful, gotta love missed flights, but it felt so good to finally be there and squeeze my friends.

Thursday was spent mostly on the beach since our AirBnb was literally on the beach. Being by water is such a joy for me; it relaxes and rejuvenates me in equal parts. Even if the water is freezing cold, I am getting in that dang water! Being buffeted by the waves, and catching up with my friends while lounging in the sun was my ideal way to spend time.

Friday we wandered around the market in downtown Charleston, spent a bit of time on the beach, then went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate the bachelorette! It felt like life before Covid, which was equally enjoyable and terrifying, because that virus is out there and I don’t want to get it.

Overall the trip reminded me of how much I love my friends, how much I miss getting to squeeze them on a frequent basis, and that taking a breather is always a good idea.

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday! What are some small things that have brought you joy this week?


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