March Playlist

March 10, 2020

Welcoming Spring, but still feeling moody

I’m not going to lie, I was listening to my playlist yesterday, forgot I was, and thought “Wow, I’m really liking this playlist. What is this?” Thanks me, I love it! I will toot this horn, thank you very much!

This month’s is a weird range of disco pop (thanks Gaga!) and introspection (thanks nearly everyone else). And I’m all about it. Of course I had to include a lil Louis and Harry (I’m still not over Walls and Fine Line and probably won’t ever be) because I’m 1D trash. It’s almost Canyon Moon season, and I can’t wait to hike to the sweet sweet dulcimer as Harry yells about coming home (#twoweekrule), but that’s next month. SO. MARCH.

To Someone Else – Kacey Hill

This is the song I was listening to when I had my thought from above. And I stand by it. This song is magical, and I get a little lost in it whenever it comes on. The beat, the darkness and longing, so many boxes ticked for me. Also, the harmonies? I’m a sucker for harmonies!

Attack of Panic – Aly & AJ

Thanks to Joslin, I’m deep into Aly & AJ’s new stuff. It’s 80s and synth heavy, and by now you should know that’s an immediate yes for me. This song in particular really captures the feeling of panic and anxiety. Also this instagram post really adds to the song (and fits so well).

Stupid Love – Lady Gaga

I mean, duh. How could I not shout out this incredible return to form by Gaga? I distinctly remember dressing up in neons my freshman year of college, listening to Gaga and getting ready to see Neon Indian at a show they were playing on campus. I’ve loved everything she’s put out since, but there was something especially magical about The Fame Monster that hasn’t been replicated for me (as good as Born This Way is!!!) until Stupid Love. I’m so excited to hear what else is coming from her this year!

No Sentir Nada – Marem Ladson

Ethereal, danceable, humid. Exactly the kind of song I want to dance my way into spring to. Persephone is grooving right next to me, join us, we’ll make the flowers bloom.

You can listen to the full playlist below! Let me know what you think, and, as always, send me your recommendations!! Also, check out my year-to-date playlist for all the goodies mashed up together.


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