Sewing, A Love Story

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Me in a dress I sewed, the Seamwork Kimmy in a bold floral pattern.

I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of creating clothes from scratch. I can’t walk into a craft store without gravitating to the fabric section, even if it is just a few fat quarters. When I could finally take a sewing class in high school I signed up, twice. I even made my own prom dress my senior year!

The official beginning of my love affair with blue dresses

I’ve been on and off with sewing for awhile now, but have finally started to get back in the groove of things. I’m working on slowing down my fashion purchases and sticking to sewing with fun, lovely fabrics that make me excited. It helps that I love dresses, and sewing them can be incredibly easy 😉 I love sewing for so many reasons, but today I’m going to talk about my sewing journey.

I remember when my next door neighbor had their first child, I wanted to make something for the kiddo. So, I made a pillow from scrap fabric and filled it with… more scrap fabric. Totally safe for a child 😉 Being able to create something like that from scratch was so much fun, and left me wanting more. It would just take until my first sewing class in high school to get there.

My high school was pretty unique in that we had a “career center” in it. So, if you wanted to become a chef, mechanic, teacher, farmer, or more (really, there were at least 15 different tracks to choose from), you could learn them while getting high school credit. The sewing class fell right on the cusp of the career center and “regular” high school. Because of this, not a whole lot of students took the class, but it provided a lot of skills for those who did!

It was in my sewing class that I started really getting in to the idea of making clothes for myself. I sewed skirts, a sweatshirt and quilt my freshman year, and my prom dress, another quilt and made an interesting woven bag my senior year! It gave me time in my busy schedule to let my mind turn off and create, rather than retain knowledge. I knew I wanted to keep going, but, without the scheduled time, I found it hard to sit down and create.

And college happened.

I got busy, had a bit of trouble adjusting and I fell out of sewing for fun. I also fell into a creative rut, and I definitely believe the two are related. For nearly a decade I hardly touched a sewing machine, even when I was brimming with ideas on what I’d love to create. School and life got in the way, and my sewing machine sat around collecting dust.

I slowly started coming back to it a few years ago. I’m not quite sure what made me get into sewing again, but somehow I got inspired to create. In my reintroduction to sewing I looked to online patterns rather than traditional printed patterns, and that made all the difference. No offense to traditional pattern companies, but PDFs are the way to go, as time consuming as they might be.

Seamwork* has really fed my desire to sew my own wardrobe. They release two patterns every month, along with tips on how to sew them up and pattern hacks to make them your own. I have found some classic, fun pieces that I can make my own through my membership. Plus, all the patterns are super easy to sew up, and the site has additional resources if you ever hit a snag.

Now, an abundance of fabric and ideas

Now that I’m more comfortable with my skills, and am more able to make time in my schedule, I’ve been regularly sewing. It helps that there is an abundance of indie pattern designers, so now I’m no longer bound to traditional pattern makers. This means I can easily look through different pattern makers’ pages to get inspiration for what to make next! Instagram has become an incredible resource for finding fun patterns, more unique patterns can gain cult followings too. Check out #persephonepants on Instagram if you want a taste. And yes, I am going to make a pair out of a bold floral canvas, thanks for asking!

Me, in one of my most recent makes, the Seamwork Kimmy

I have a whole Instagram saved board dedicated to sewing inspiration. From other sewists’ creations to bold fabric that I am in love with, that board inspires me like no other. When I can’t quite decide what I want to make next I look at what I want in my wardrobe, I browse through it until I find something that speaks to me! I have a bunch of fabric stockpiled with different projects in mind to sew up when the mood and need strikes me.

I’m going to go into this a bit more in my next sewing related post, but sewing allows me to be creative with rules. It allows me to play as I wish, with some instructions on how to best do it. And that’s honestly the best kind of creativity for me, or else I’d get overwhelmed by the process and give up.

Do you love to sew? Curious about it? Let me know!

*This is a referral link. I’ll get a free month if you click through and sign up.


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