Sewing Plans For 2020

January 13, 2020 2 Comments
Chelsea sitting at a sewing machine, smiling and sewing a shirt


I love sewing, as I’m sure you’re all aware of by now. I thoroughly enjoy getting to create high quality clothes in fun, lovely to wear fabrics in my size. That last one is important. As a plus-size woman the clothing options that are in my size and style are rather limited, are most likely not carried in store, or are more expensive than the straight size counter parts. All of which makes clothes shopping… frustrating.

Sewing though? I can do whatever I want. Maybe I want to make a button up shirt using this fun cotton fabric? I can (I will). Maybe I want to make a classic wrap dress in a color I know will complement my skin tone (I’m such an autumn) that I can rarely find in stores? It’s being cut out at the first sign of spring. If I want to have bold, floral pants that match a fun top, guess what? I can (and will) sew it.

Sew (haha) what are your plans?

Glad you asked! I’m really trying to not buy any new clothes for this year. I already have more than enough that I don’t wear regularly, and have an out of control fabric stash. The best solution for me? Take a page out of Martha Moore Porter (aka Buried Diamond)’s book and make it myself.

For instance, I have a dreamy viscose linen blend that I’d love to use to make a more casual shirt dress. There’s the infamous confetti dot fabric that I’m going to use to make another Bo. Another is a dreamy star studded satin that I’ll either use for this blouse, or this skirt, and will probably put to a vote on instagram!

Three different pieces of fabric that are mentioned in the blog post. On top is the star studded satin, in the middle is a pink fabric, and on the bottom is the confetti dot fabric.

I have even more plans kicking around in the back of my mind! I want to make the insta famous Charlie Caftan, Persephone Pants (!!!), and a full fledged Wilder Gown. Sometimes my plans for what I want to make can become overwhelming, but given how much I sewed in 2019, I’m sure my 2020 will be filled with even more me-made goodness!

Have you tried your hand at sewing? Do you have any big sewing plans for the year? I want to hear them, let me know in the comments!

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